basic tips for clash royale

10 Basic Tips For Clash Royale.

  1. Call of Duty: Heroes is a real-time strategy game, but the gameplay mechanics is similar to that of Clash of Clans. And while the game won’t get 10/10 from some reviewers, CoD fans might find this a welcome change from the traditional run-and-gun mechanics. Like most mobile strategy games, Heroes lets players build a base, train troops, upgrade buildings, raid enemy bases for oil and gold and fight human players in PvP battles. The game introduces some really innovative skills, something which hasn’t been introduced in any game before. You can use a chopper gunner or man a turret in first person perspective, launch an unmanned aerial vehicle, drop care packages for your soldiers or unleash drone strikes at a touch of a button. Call of Duty: Heroes is easy to play if you are familiar with Clash of Clans style gameplay. If you are new to this genre or want to improve your game, follow these basic tips and strategies:
  2. Skill points have an energy symbol. Total points are shown on the right side of the screen and the number of skill points for each skill is shown below the special skill symbol. To earn quick points, use a hero’s special area damage skills, such as drone missiles, EMP Artillery and Chopper Gunner. They can be used to destroy enemy buildings in PvP battles to earn extra points.
  3. Knowing when not to fight and let the troops reach your turn.Some troops inflict no or little damage does not counteract and save your elixir.
  4. Since you can control your hero anytime during battle, make sure you use him to destroy buildings located in the outer vicinity of the enemy base. Tap and drag a hero to move him. Hit the unprotected buildings first and then use his special skills to destroy the buildings inside the base. (Make sure you have enough skill points to use hero skills). Unlock heroes by upgrading the Command Center. You can deploy only one hero during the entire battle, so choose the one you would think would be effective against all enemies. Each hero has its own special skills. Just tap on “Heroes” (located on the bottom-left corner of the game screen) and tap on a hero’s profile to find out stats and skills. You can upgrade hero skills by tapping on a skill and pressing the upgrade button. For a quick level-up, upgrade your command center to level 6.
  5. Flexibility is the key to winning an attack or counter your opponent you need additional troops to occupy you at best all threats and launch attacks in all situations.
  6. Do not just send melee troops or they will be annihilated by aerial troops or a valkyrie.
  7. Find a Clan! You will progress more rapidly through donations.
  8. Do not spend your gold unnecessarily. If you do not use some cards do not improve, give them instead.
  9. Sometimes you lose your battles is often a problem compositions, feel free to watch replays of other players to have new ideas to address the problem.
  10. In case of long series of defeats calm yourself is be patient.Change your strategy if you think something is wrong and change the composition of your army

I hope this little guide will help you. Good luck.